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This issue of The Advocate focuses on the role of laity in the church. Dolores Leckey, a church scholar and long-time member of OLQP, traces its history from a passive role in the 19th century to a post-Vatican II agent of social change and social justice. Several active members of OLQP are highlighted in the Fall 2015 issue. They exemplify what Fr. Tim so often reminds all of us to be and to do: to be followers of Jesus and act on our faith outside the four walls of the church. The Advocate also spotlights the JustFaith program, Pope Francis encyclical, On Care for Our Common Home—Laudato Si , and an inspiring story about Sr. Nalta in Medor—a nun, nurse and adoptive mother!
—Paula Cruickshank, Editor

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Serving the Human Good with Earthly Realities

Get to know Ann Felker, OLQP parishioner who has been active in the earthly realities of our parish—from feeding the hungry at Christ House and Carpenter's Shelter to leading the parish's religious education ministry.

Who Are the Laity And What Are They Up To In 2015?

Scholar Dolores Leckey explores the role of the laity in the church and the world.

Religious Education Families Show Discipleship in Action

Religious Education Director Katie Remedios tells how OLQP families journey together in faith formation.

JustFaith Transforms Lives—New Program Starts Late September/Early Fall

On an early fall evening in 2004, Paula Cruickshank walked into a classroom at St. Charles Borromeo in Arlington to begin the JustFaith program, an eight-month faith journey with nine other Catholics. Unknown to the group at the time, the program was about to transform their lives.

Emma Grayeb: Advocate for the Hispanic Community

From immigration issues, school problems and consumer difficulties to needs for employment or furnishings, and assisting women with abusive spouses, Emma Grayeb ministers to individuals and lobbies on their behalf before elected leaders.

Heidi Sampang: “I was sick and you took care of me” (Matthew 25:36)

OLQP parishioner and physician Heidi Sampang joined the OLQP medical mission to Medor, Haiti, for the first time in 2008. They worked very long hours each day to try to see everyone who came from the surrounding countryside. She was hooked on medical missionary work in Medor.

Medor's Sister Nalta: Nun, Nurse—And Adoptive Mother

Meet Sister Nalta Pierre.

Sister Nalta is a woman of many talents. Not only is she a nun, she is also a nurse. And, as of December 2014, she became a mother, adopting an infant girl who was in dire need.

Our Lady Queen of Peace Celebrates 70 Years of Learning from One Another

The efforts of the entire community during the OLQP 70th Anniversary celebration, and especially some of the silent auction events, showcased not only OLQP's 70 years of history, but strength as a diverse parish today.

OLQP/UJAMAA 23rd Annual Prayer Breakfast and Scholarship Awards Program

Twenty-four scholarships and two community service awards were given at the annual Prayer Breakfast sponsored by the OLQP ministry, UJAMAA, on June 20. Two of the scholarships were special awards to college students who submitted outstanding applications.

It's Not Just the Pay—It's the Dignity

As the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops noted in its 2015 Labor Day Statement, human labor “is a deeply holy thing that ought to honor our dignity as we help God ‘maintain the fabric of the world’.” This means that we must broaden the scope of our concern over employers' dehumanization of workers in ways beyond current minimum wage.

Peace and Justice Conference 2015

The Catholic Diocese of Arlington's Peace and Justice Commission sponsored the Annual Peace and Justice Conference at Marymount University, Reinsch Auditorium on September 5, 2015. The theme of this year's conference was Race Relations: Educating to End Racism and Build Solidarity.

Pope Francis' Encyclical Calls Laity to Care for Creation

How can we, as laity, respond to Pope Francis' recent encyclical, Laudato Si?

Pope Francis Emphasizes Golden Rule in Address to Congress;
OLQP Members Among Thousands Who Gathered for His Blessing on U.S. Capitol Grounds

Pope Francis extended his blessing to thousands of jubilant people after he made his historic address to a joint session of Congress on September 23.

Stephen Ministry to Offer Confidential Christian Care for Major Life Challenges

Stephen Ministers, who are trained and supervised lay parishioners, provide one-on-one confidential Christian care to individuals facing life challenges, such as losses due to divorce, death, illness, and other life difficulties.

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