Religious Education / Spiritual Development

Contact: Katie Remedios, Religious Education Director, 703-979-5580,

Faith Formation for Children and Families

Religious Education - Family Circle Program
The The Religious Education program at Our Lady Queen of Peace is designed to teach children how to recognize, understand, and respond to God's love as authentic Catholic Christians. Our primary objective is to bring Jesus back to the kitchen table (a lived faith) by supporting and facilitating our parents as first teachers of the faith. Our Family Circle program offers 2 options for studies; Neighborhood Circle or Home Based Circle. Both are supported by the DRE, religious education text books, and numerous Lending Library resources.

Click here for the 2016 Religious Education Registration and Release Form for Family Circles and Catholic Foundations (PDF).

Group Studies/Family Circle Option 1 - "Neighborhood Circles"
A "Neighborhood Circle" is a gathering of 6-8 parish families who team together to mediate the Catholic faith through personal faith sharing, scripture based teaching, group celebration of the sacraments, community service and community building activities. This is a "hands on- interactive" approach to learning, where faith is taught, modeled, and practiced in an intergenerational group setting. After registering, families are grouped by geography, age, family size, or special request. Parents receive specific training and instruction before being placed in a Circle. Registration for the Neighborhood Circle program opens in June. OLQP Circles meet from October - May.

Individual Studies /Family Circle Option 2 - "Home Based Circles"
Parents who choose to teach their children privately can benefit from the same training, resources, and materials provided to the Neighborhood Circle program. The "Christ Our Life" textbook series is given to all registering families, with text support and appropriate grade level objectives. Registration takes place in June. Training and material distribution begins in August.

Enrichment Activities
In addition to our Religious Education classes, a variety of activities and opportunities have been created to support children and families in their faith journey. Please check the parish calendar for the date and times of each event.

Foundations Class
A traditional classroom Religious Education experience is offered to complete the Family Circle experience of faith formation. All parish children, grades PK-12, are encouraged to attend these Catholic foundation classes. Parents meet with our pastor and reflect on the same Foundation being presented in the children's classrooms during this time. NB: Due to parish building renovations this program has been adapted for the 2016-2017 school year.

Family Mass
A special Children's Liturgy follows the monthly Foundations Class. Open to everyone, this Mass allows the children to participate fully in a Liturgy by serving as lectors, greeters, ushers, gift bearers, choir members and musicians. The homily is directed to the children, and satisfies the Sunday obligation. Family Mass begins promptly at 4pm on the first Saturday of the month.

Children's Liturgy of the Word
CLW takes place during 3 of the Sunday Masses (9:30, 11:15, and 1:00 pm Spanish). Children ages 4-10 are invited to listen and reflect on the Sunday Gospel in child friendly language. The children leave the main sanctuary and proceed to our Children's Chapel where they experience the Gospel, Profession of Faith, and General Intercessions before returning to join their church community for the Liturgy of the Eucharist.

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Faith Formation for Adults

Religious Education for Adults
Parish adults are invited to explore and grow in their faith life by participating in any of the following programs. Please check the parish calendar for times and locations.
Contact: DRE Katie Remedios - 703-979-5580,

Catholic Foundations Class
During this class, a specific topic is presented by one of our clergy, followed by interactive discussion. This class meets once a month. NB: Due to parish building renovations this program has been adapted for the 2016-2017 school year.

Good News People Program
Adults meet in small group settings, 14 times over the course of the year, to explore our faith through the lens of discipleship. Course materials and discussion topics are provided. Good News People 1 is now in session Good News People 2 with a focus on Mercy is new this year

Bible Studies
Get to know the Bible by attending a series of Saturday workshops offered during the seasons of Advent and Lent. Watch the bulletin for details.

Theology on Tap
Two opportunities per month are offered for small groups to meet informally and discuss matters of faith. Parish theologians facilitate these casual group conversations around a table at a neighborhood pub.

Intergenerational Activities
These activities are designed to engage the whole community, regardless of age. Opportunities for service and reflection are offered throughout the year to provide experiences of practiced faith (discipleship). Together we glean vegetables from local farms to feed the poor of our community, watch and process "movies with a moral" , bake holidays pies to accompany food baskets, knit scarves for the cold, and bake cookies for the imprisoned.


Sacramental Preparation

Parents gather a few weeks prior to the celebration of this sacrament to review the blessings and ritual elements of the sacrament. We prefer to celebrate Baptism in community and conveniently schedule weekly Baptisms on a rotating basis at the 5:30 pm Vigil Mass, the 9:30 am, 11:15 am and 6 pm Sunday Masses. An opportunity is also available for baptism outside the Mass setting on Saturday morning.
Contact Christina Kozyn for scheduling: 703-979-5580,

First Communion
Our First Communion program has been developed to facilitate and support our parents as "first and best teachers of the faith", enabling them to prepare their children at home for the sacrament of First Holy Communion. This program is part of our family based model of religious education. Each family receives family friendly textbooks, clearly defined and detailed learning objectives, and actual teaching guides to help prepare their child. The material includes vocabulary, prayers, home activities and even time management charts to keep on schedule. Children also attend a series of six, on campus Saturday Workshops, to review, reinforce, and evaluate student understanding. The First Communion program begins in October and concludes with the celebration of the sacrament in May.
Contact Katie Remedios for preparation: 703-979-5580,

The The Confirmation program of Our Lady Queen of Peace is a one year course of study, with student registration taking place in October, and concluding with the celebration of the sacrament the following fall. The program is open to any student in grade 7, 13 years of age or older. Students meet several times during the school year, and commit to a 2 week course of study over the summer months. Our program is an authentic experience of discipleship, as young men and woman discern a decision to follow Jesus.
Preparation: Katie Remedios - 703-979-5580,

Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults
The Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) is a process for welcoming new members into the Roman Catholic Church. The RCIA is a community journey leading to a transformation of mind and spirit as well as a personal journey in which participants reflect on their relationship with God. Guided by the Gospel and encouraged by the welcome of church members (opportunities exist for serving as a sponsor or Companion on the Journey), newcomers find their place in the community of believers. Meetings are held once per week beginning in September, and the RCIA process continues through the celebration of the sacraments of initiation during the Easter Vigil Mass or at Pentecost for some confirmation candidates.
Contact Alice and Kevin Curtin - 703-461-3082,


Adult Spirituality and Enrichment

ED Talks: Challenging Your Mind, Soul and Heart, in honor of Fr. Ed Kelly CSSp. & Stone Soup Suppers
"ED Talks" encourages parishioners to engage in Public Policy advocacy by informing them on current issues that are close to the heart of the parish. "Stone Soup Suppers" illuminate the 3 pillars of Lent (prayer, fasting, alms-giving) through the lens of Catholic Social Teaching. These two speaker series programs look for volunteers to help plan events, as well as pick themes for each series. Logistical support such as making soup is also volunteer-based. Please consider participating.
Contact: Michelle Knight - 703-979-5580,

JustFaith is a justice-oriented formation process, which provides opportunities for individuals to study and be formed by the justice tradition articulated by the Scriptures, the Church's historical witness, theological inquiry and Church social teaching. Participants are empowered to develop a passion and thirst for justice and to express this passion in concrete acts of social ministry in their parish and in the community at large. This 24 week course usually begins in September.
Contact: Michelle Knight - 703-979-5580,

OLQP Library
The OLQP library, currently on hiatus due to renovations, houses a collection numbering over 5,000 volumes relating to religious studies and social justice concerns. The books are shelved according to 21 different categories covering subject matter such as Black Studies, Peace, Spirituality, Scripture, Catholic Church, and Religious Pluralism. Many of the books have become recognized religious classics and are now out of print. In addition, the library subscribes to five periodicals, including America, Commonweal, and The Tablet, a British weekly magazine. Located in Father Ray Hall, the library serves as a valuable resource for parishioners and ministries. Borrowing is based on a self-service honor system: signed out by the patron and returns made in a timely manner.
Contact: Michal Morsches - 703-256-2726,

Ujamaa Committee
The name "Ujamaa" means "familyhood"; thus, mutual cooperation. Ujamaa responds to the pastoral vision of the universal Church and reflects the special commitment of our parish to remember, reverence and celebrate the faith and gifts of our founders. The committee seeks to bring forth the cultural richness, gifts and skills of Black Catholics and to respond sensitively and forcefully to the needs of African Americans. In addition to cultural and educational events, activities are developed for the whole parish in liturgy, religious training, social justice and leadership training. It is hoped that all members of our multi-cultural parish will contribute and benefit.
Contact: Veronica Dabney - 703-698-8290,

Bible Study, MOMS
A scripture study for moms of all generations meets twice monthly on Friday mornings, 9:30-11:30am. Small fee covers books; child care can be arranged, if needed. No prerequisites, just a desire to gather, study Scripture, and discuss our shared Catholic faith.
Contact: Michele Chang - 703-299-6209,

Share the Word Bible Study
Using the Little Rock Scripture Study Program and accompanying DVD this group meets on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month at 9:30 am. All are welcome.
Contact: Pat Fitzgibbons - 703-960-0178,

Christian Meditation Ministry
The Christian Meditation Ministry seeks to promote contemplative prayer, the prayer of the heart, where we are not thinking of God or talking to Him nor asking for anything. We are simply being with God who is in us through the Holy Spirit whom Jesus has given us. We teach a simple method of silence, stillness and simplicity and through our regular weekly meetings we give support to each other. Weekly meetings are Friday mornings from 10:30 am to 11:45 am and Monday evenings from 7:30 pm to 8:45 pm. Contact: Susan -

An adult meditation course on how to teach Meditation to Children was offered in fall 2013. A separate contact is available to discuss mediation for children. Contact: Alice - or, Janet -

Men's Spirituality Group
This group meets the 4th Saturday morning of each month to pursue a practice of male spirituality.
Contact: Bill Casey -, 703-568-3438.

Minkisi Ministry
"Lord, send the gift of your Spirit to fill this place, myself and the world." The Minkisi ministry believes that in the Spirit of the Living God we are all people of African descent on a spiritual journey - called to be healing instruments of God. In April 1997, this ministry began shortly after a parish revival led by Fr. A.J. McKnight, C.S.Sp. A small group of parishioners accepted the retreat director's challenge to continue meeting with others as "Christians under construction." Monthly parish gatherings focus on several aspects of adult faith formation: scripture, contemplative prayer, individual and group reflection, interracial dialogue and social action in the surrounding Nauck community. All are invited to the small group sessions usually held the first Monday of each month at 7:15 pm in the Discussion Room of the Parish Office Building. Nourishing open hearts and spirits, Minkisi also provides leadership in prayer services, in coffee hours and in an annual mini-retreat in November each year.
Contact: Cecilia Braveboy - 703-979-5389, For more information on our activities, visit the Minkisi Ministry web page.

Grupo de Oración en Español "Mateo 25"
The Spanish Prayer Group "Mateo 25" was created to address a need expressed by parishioners who attend Mass in Spanish who were seeking the help of a prayer group to increase their spiritual and personal growth. Members felt a calling from God to achieve a goal: to be a large and vibrant prayer group that benefits all in achieving a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, to open themselves to prayer and the reading of the Bible, to find significant relationship, to develop their potential to serve others and the OLQP parish. The primary mission of Mateo 25 is to evangelize people in their native language Spanish, build the word of God and achieve growth each day, and the purpose of our lives. Encourage service ministries such as the ministry of prayer, liturgical services, social and the welcome committee. Join members of Mateo 25 Wednesdays, 7-9 pm in Fr. Ray Hall. The gathering begins with praying the Rosary and continues with praise, prayer, Gospel reading of the day and personal reflections, and occasionally a topic of interest to the community.
Contact: María A. Muñoz -, 703-989-6297
Odalis Barrios -703-582-7501
Roxana Villalta - 571-275-3505
E-mail: Facebook: Mateo Veinticinco

This is a gathering of seekers and contemplative activists interested in balancing social justice and spirituality. The group meets weekly for meditation, prayer, formation, and faith sharing. Namasté is an expression that translates as "the God in me greets and blesses the God in you" and is the recognition that we share a common divinity. Namasté participates in periodic activities including filmfests, retreats, vision board exercises, and pilgrimages. Additionally, a small group meets bi-weekly for WISP (Writing: Intentional Spiritual Practice). We invite you to join us on Tuesday evenings at 7PM in the Peace Room (basement of OLQP Ministry Center).
Contact: Kris Casey -
Joan Grey -, or
Anne Murphy -, 703-536-4106.

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