Liturgy & Worship

Altar Servers
The Altar Server Ministry embraces all people of the parish who have received First Communion, encouraging participation in the liturgies as Gift/Cross Bearers and Altar Servers. This ministry provides an opportunity to grow in understanding of and respect for the celebration of the Eucharist through fuller participation. All, including adults, may join.
Contact: John Ruby - 347-465-7829,

Art & Environment Committee
This ministry is responsible for the design and selection of materials, and the construction of vestments, altar and ambo cloths, banners, and other artistic decorations appropriate to the liturgical seasons of the Church Year. This ministry is also responsible for the proper decorating of the sanctuary and church for weddings and funerals, as well as for Sunday and Holy Day liturgies. Additionally, this ministry tends to the selection, ordering, care and feeding of sanctuary flowers and plants. Tasteful, creative ideas, reflecting the guidelines established in Environment and Art in Catholic Worship form the basis for all planning. Two levels of commitment are available with this ministry: assisting during the seasons of Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter, or lending your liturgical expertise and artistic skills throughout the year. We are currently seeking seamstresses..
Contact: Alice Curtin - 703-461-3082,

Communion Ministers

Mandated by the Bishop for a term of five years, these parishioners distribute the Sacred Body and Blood of Christ at the Liturgy and to our homebound, ill and hospitalized parishioners. Diocesan training, which is required, is offered each spring. Typically, ministers are scheduled once or twice a month to serve at Mass. Though full participation in this ministry comes only by way of the Bishop's mandate, interested people may begin with visits to the homebound offering company and reading material.
Contact: Liza Karlin - 302-229-1154,
Communion Minister Schedule


In its publication, Introduction to the Order of Mass, the Bishop's Committee on the Liturgy explains that "In proclaiming the word of God, lectors exercise their responsibility in the liturgical celebration. God speaks to the faithful through them, and the effectiveness of their proclamation of God's word depends significantly on their conviction, preparation and delivery." Lectors are given training at the parish. While they are not required to be eloquent speakers, the very nature of this ministry calls forward those who can speak/read effectively in public and who are willing to commit themselves to careful preparation. Lectors are scheduled to read approximately once every other month.
Contact: Cecilia Braveboy - 703-979-5389,
Lector Schedule

Mass Coordinators

Mass Coordinators assist in ensuring that the logistical details for our Eucharistic celebrations are met. Typically they are scheduled once per month at the Mass they usually attend. Mass Coordinators receive an orientation and training so they are able to provide assistance to our presiders, answer questions and locate items. Their function is one of oversight rather than to serve in the roles of liturgical ministers. Mass Coordinators help to ensure that the gathering of God's people is celebrated well.
Contact: Kevin Curtin - 703-461-3082,

Music Ministry

The Music Ministry consists of seven choirs "making a joyful noise unto the Lord."

  • Saturday Vigil Mass Choir - The sung prayer at the 5:30 PM Vigil Mass consists of contemporary and traditional music, and is led by a choir accompanied by piano and guitars. Rehearsals are held in the church on Wednesday evenings at 7:30 PM. New members are always welcome!
    Contact: Director Kevin Curtin - 703-461-3082,
  • 8 AM Sunday Morning Mass Choir - The sung prayer at our earliest morning Mass consists of contemporary, traditional and gospel music. Rehearsals are Friday evenings, 5:30-6:30 pm.
    Contact: Director Jeff Corry,
  • 9:30 AM Gospel Choir - The 9:30 AM Sunday Gospel Choir embraces all people and strives to be exemplary of the church's cultural diversity. Under the direction of pianist and Director, Kris Pandohie, the choir enhances liturgical celebrations and community events through song. Its repertoire includes gospel, contemporary, and anthems. In all its activities, the Gospel Choir endeavors to joyfully and effectively meet the call of the Church. New members are always welcome. Rehearsals are each Monday at 6:30 PM in the church.
    Contact: Director Kris Pandohie -
    Contact: President Alice Lockett - 703-567-3430,
  • 11:15 AM Contemporary Music Choir - The Contemporary Music Choir supports the 11:15 AM liturgy with a variety of musical styles, emphasizing the gospel message of social justice and world communion. Sung prayer includes an eclectic mix of contemporary liturgical folk music, bilingual songs from around the world, and traditional hymns. All instruments are welcome - supported primarily by guitar, piano, flute, drums, and hand percussion. The group strives to be a spirited and compassionate community that supports each other and radiates the joy of God's message through song at Mass. Rehearsal is scheduled every Sunday morning at 10:15 AM in the Ministry Center Founders Room and Tuesday evening at 7:30 PM in the church. New members are always welcome.
    Contact: Co-Directors Mike Hanna - 703-685-2053,
    Katie McNerney - 703-931-0131,
    Tom Leckey - 703-521-3478,
  • 1 PM Vibrant Hispanic Liturgical Music Choir - This choir is an integral part of the 1:00 PM Sunday liturgy. The music has a folk-popular flavor and is sung by a choir accompanied by guitars and percussion. More musicians and singers are always welcome.
    Contact: Director Morena Panozo - 703-379-8950,
  • 6 PM Young Adults Choir - The sung prayer lead by this group of youthful musicians is contemporary and lively. Volunteers 40 years and younger are encouraged to join. Rehearsals are Thursday evenings at 7;30 pm.
    Contact: Director Andrew Curtin - 703-217-3352,
  • Homegoing Choir - The Homegoing Choir provides the sung prayer at funeral and memorial services to support those grieving the loss of a loved one. The choir gathers briefly to rehearse music before the celebration, and is open to all.
    Contact: Director Kevin Curtin - 703-461-3082,

The members of this ministry warmly welcome all as we gather to begin our liturgical celebrations. Ushers/Greeters distribute bulletins, assist with seating and take up the offertory. The time commitment is brief -- Ushers are asked to arrive 20 minutes before Mass and stay 15 minutes after to tidy the church for the next Mass. Be a part of the Ministry of Welcome - be a part of what makes OLQP a great place to worship. Get to know your fellow p0arishioners and make new friends. Training provided.
Contact: Ginny Franco -703-751-7110, 703-919-5763,

Worship Committee

This committee assists the pastor in planning the community's various liturgical celebrations throughout the year. It acts under the guidance of the pastor and in compliance with The General Instruction of the Roman Missal, The General Norms for the Liturgical Year and the Calendar, and the Ordo established for the Diocese of Arlington. The committee is composed of representatives of various parish ministries, including Communion Ministers, Music Ministry, Lectors, Ushers/Greeters, the Art and Environment Committee, the Sacristan, Religious Education, Youth Ministry, Baptismal Preparation, and the RCIA Process. The committee meets as needed to reflect on and prepare the liturgical life of our faith community.
Contact: Kevin Curtin - 703-461-3082,

OLQP Funeral Ministry

Liturgy Planning Team: This team of gentle and empathic individuals assists bereaved families with liturgy planning offering resource material to choose songs, readings and prayers for the Funeral Mass of a deceased loved one. Extensive training provided for volunteers. Funerals are typically scheduled during the week and on Saturdays. Those who are gifted with an empathic, caring nature are most especially urged to consider becoming part of this ministry of care and compassion.
Contact: Christina Kozyn - 703-979-5580,

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